Global solutions for pharmaceutical processes

At FREDLAB we offer comprehensive solutions for pharmaceutical processes in such a way that we act as a general supplier of all the needs of the installation.

We have a wide and consolidated network of specialised industries in this sector to provide our clients with a global and consolidated offer; always opting for the best available technology and the best benefits for the pharmaceutical sector. We develop all phases, thanks to extensive experience in leading turnkey projects at an international level.

We offer our clients our extensive knowledge and experience in the sector to help them choose the equipment that best suits their needs. We can provide technical consultancy services to evaluate the quality of the suppliers pre-selected by the client or we can even take care of everything ourselves and supply directly to the client guaranteeing the best solution.

Comprehensive service in pharmaceutical processes:

  1. HVAC and clean rooms
  2. Mixing and dosing area
  3. Filling area
  4. Sterilization area
  5. Utility area
  6. Water plant
  7. Warehouse

To ensure zero contamination environmental conditions, our materials and technological systems are equipped with the latest technology.

At the top of the sector in technology and strategic alliances

  • State-of-the-art European technology

  • Innovative solutions in filling system

  • Use of BIM technology for the entire pharmaceutical process

  • Energy efficient process systems

  • Commitment to environmentally-friendly process systems

  • Installation monitoring system for continuous improvement

  • Use of Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence and IoT

What can we offer you?


    Weighing area to obtain the medication. Area where medicines are mixed and manufactured.

    We design all pharmaceutical processes, both oral and injectable, including formulation systems, storage tanks or process reactors, among others.


    The HVAC system is designed by specialists with more than 25 years of experience in the sector of air treatment, thus transferring all their experience and providing the client with robust, efficient and high-quality solutions.

    These heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems must achieve the desired environment control, both the control of dispersed particles, humidity and temperature of the rooms. This is one of the key points of the installation since it is the one that will guarantee optimal conditions so that no type of contamination, whether cross-contamination or not, will occur.


    We design and manufacture all the modular and auxiliary equipment necessary for the pharmaceutical process. Specifically, we have stainless steel laminar flow equipment (which is designed and manufactured by Fredlab to meet the needs associated with clean rooms, especially for sterile areas such as weighing spaces, sterile product dosing, etc.); cabins, insulators, SAS and filling machinery under renowned brands.

    We also enable the installation with solid process equipment such as High Shear Mixer, Fluid Bed Dryer, Film Coting Machine, Mixers, Tablet-Pressers, among others, thanks to our collaboration agreements with manufacturers of said equipment. We also provide the appropriate systems of purified water, water for injections or pure steam.


    Our in-house team of installers and site managers are in charge of carrying out the installations with finishes that comply with the regulations of each sector. Thanks to FREDLAB's experience developing installations all over the world, allowing us to optimize installation times to the maximum.


    FREDLAB develops all its projects with BIM technology. A technology that allows us to reproduce in detail any pharmaceutical installation before its execution, foreseeing any possible area of improvement from the design stage and thus avoiding any unforeseen event during its execution. This system is vital for international projects, since unforeseen events during execution can lead to additional costs and significant delays.

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