Comprehensive solutions in injectable plants for the pharmaceutical sector

At FREDLAB we offer a complete service in turnkey projects for injectable plants in the life science sector. We develop all phases for the start-up of an industrial plant that requires controlled environments. We take care of carrying out all industrial processes as well as those related to general services and quality control. Throughout the installation we guarantee a specialised team with high-level experience in the sector, led by a project manager.

The entire process begins with conceptual engineering (with BIM and DIGITAL TWIN technology), through to the execution of the work and reaching the final validation phase of the installation, applying international standards. In addition, the entire process is overseen by a highly qualified project manager, from Fredlab, with extensive experience in the sector.

All this with the possibility of contracting an after-sales service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

From Fredlab we can seek lines of financing for the realisation of industrial operations; as well as the implementation of local aid through social programmes.

Why choose us?


    Planning and development of the entire installation, from start to finish. We are the reference supplier for the complete project, which allows us to so give the client maximum safety and quality, minimising worries and the need for intermediaries.

    Serum plants, ophthalmic, otic, small volume injectables, vaccines, biotechnological products, injectables, powders, syrups, suspensions, semi-solids, sterile, non-sterile, hormones, cephalosporins, beta-lactams, etc.


    We have a network of technological partners at an international level, allowing us to ensure top quality systems anywhere ​​the world.

    Some of our partners include Danfoss, Rommelag, Siemens, Daikin, Grunfos, among many other reference brands in the sector and a safe bet for quality and greater sustainability.


    To guarantee the proper functioning of the installations, once the work has been completed, we activate a training plan in two ways:

    • Local training plan for property technicians
    • On-site training plan for property technicians

    This training duality allows us to ensure that the owner of the installation has a correct understanding of the basic operation of the plant.


    We carry out annual local audits with our own personnel to validate the correct operation of the entire plant.


    All our facilities are equipped with machinery from European manufacturers that guarantee a long service life of the installations; in addition to the availability of spare parts over time.

Our strengths and main references:

  • With the lowest operating cost thanks to quality facilities and a network of technology partners

  • With sustainable energy systems, with the possibility of monitoring electrical consumption

  • With preventive maintenance that reduces costs and remote control 24/365

  • Maximum efficiency of euro/liter of manufactured whey (for whey plants)




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Phases for the execution of a whey plant

A turnkey serum plant installation means that at FREDLAB we take care of all the processes from start to finish: drafting of the global project, facilities, process, machinery, laboratories, air conditioning, electrical systems, etc.

Clean room and controlled air systems

Distribution of all production areas and classified or unclassified areas. Installation of controlled air systems.

Formulation and heavy areas

Area where APIs are weighed with containers to obtain the medication. Area where medicines are mixed and manufactured.

Filling area

Area where the mixed injectable liquid is filled inside a container. The container is made, filled and sealed in just one step.

Sterilization area

Area where the final products are sterilized in autoclaves.
One set of carts is loaded into a holding area after filling, another set is sterilized, and a final set is used in a secondary area.

General services area

Area where compressed air, industrial steam, cold water and electricity are produced for the operation of the entire installation.

Water plant

Area where drinking water is treated and after a pretreatment and a RO / EDI process, purified water is produced.
Subsequently, the water passes through a distiller, which will produce water for injection and clean steam.


Development of basic engineering for the definition of the implementation of processes, equipment and work areas.

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