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    Comprehensive solutions for clean rooms

  • With high quality finishes

    Own engineering with BIM technology

  • Thanks to a coordination of the entire technical team

    We optimize installation times

Global solutions for clean rooms: pharmaceutical enclosures and HVAC systems

At FREDLAB we offer comprehensive solutions for clean rooms (we design and carry out) adapting to the needs of each client and providing the best solution for them.

We develop all phases, thanks to extensive experience in leading turnkey projects at an international level.

We provide customized solutions for any of the environments of the pharmaceutical industry or for the life science sector following the relevant regulations.

In the case of clean rooms, we can produce all different types, and specifically tailored according to the needs of each sector and the requirements of each business firm.

Comprehensive service:
  1. Project
  2. Construction
  3. Validation
  4. Maintenance

To ensure environmental conditions of zero contamination, our materials and technological systems are equipped with the latest technology.

At the top of the sector
in automation and control

What can we offer you?


    With the conceptual design of all the enclosures, ceilings, windows, floors, doors, etc., the structure, we define the structure the necessary installations and the planned auxiliary equipment, always complying with the quality standards required by current regulations.

    With regard to self-supporting panels / sandwich panels made of sheet metal and/or phenolic resin, we offer a wide range of cores. Our locking system takes into account all the necessary accessories such as windows, double doors, etc. We have our own modular system that adapts to any system and feature.


    The HVAC system is designed by specialists with more than 25 years of experience in the field of air treatment, thus transferring all their expertise and providing the customer with robust, efficient and high quality solutions.

    These heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems must achieve the desired environment control, both the control of dispersed particles and the humidity and temperature of the rooms. This is one of the key points of the installation since it is the one that will guarantee optimal conditions and that no type of contamination, whether cross-contamination or not, will occur.


    We design and manufacture all the modular and auxiliary equipment necessary for the pharmaceutical process. Specifically, we have stainless steel laminar flow equipment (designed and manufactured by Fredlab to meet the needs associated with clean rooms, especially for sterile areas such as weighing areas, dosing of sterile products, etc.); cabinets, isolators, SAS and filling machinery under the Rommelag brand, among others.


    Our own team of installers and site managers are in charge of carrying out the installations with finishes that comply with the regulations of each sector. Thanks to FREDLAB's experience developing installations all over the world, which allows us to optimise installation times to the maximum.


    FREDLAB develops all its projects with BIM technology.  Technology that allows any pharmaceutical system to be reproduced in detail before its execution, preventing any possible area of ​​improvement from the design stage and thus avoiding any unforeseen event during its execution. This system is vital for international projects, since unforeseen events during execution can lead to additional costs and significant delays.

Phases for the execution of a clean room and/or injectables


The technical solutions that must be implemented are decided and selected on the basis of the requirements requested by the client and adding value from our own engineering team to guarantee the least costly and most efficient installation possible.

All constructive aspects of the project, its installations and equipment are developed. We provide the technical report, the flow diagrams of people, products or materials, the technical data sheets of rooms and process equipment, the plans with BIM technology that offer the maximum detail of all the installations.

At Fredlab we take care of the conceptual layout of the rooms, as well as designing the most suitable HVAC system for each case.

In addition, all our installations are backed by an exhaustive study carried out by our team.


To ensure zero contamination environmental conditions, our materials and technological systems are equipped with the most specialised technology:

  • We implement the HVAC system 
  • Self-supporting panels / sandwich panels made of sheet metal and/or phenolic resin
  • Stainless steel laminar flow equipment. 

In all installations we apply sustainable criteria in energy efficiency and optimization of resources to ensure the lowest possible costs; with the aim of ensuring the longest possible service life of the installation.


Once up and in motion, it must be ensured that all equipment, processes and installations work according to the established specifications.

  • Installation qualification, which certifies that all key aspects of the equipment and those necessary for the installation are in accordance with the requirements and safety standards.
  • Performance qualification, which certifies in a document that the equipment or machinery involved in the study process works as defined in the design and determines the optimal operating values ​​for each of the control variables.

Strict compliance with the ISO 14644 standard for the construction phase; the IFS, BRC or ISO 2200:2018 food safety regulations, which covers hygienic and physio-sanitary requirements that companies must comply with in their installations, as well as those related to the transport and handling of foodstuffs.


A team of specialised assemblers is responsible for setting up the installation and subsequent monitoring during the first months of operation. This monitoring is important in order to guarantee the correct operation of all the parameters of the installation.

We apply a preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance service, thanks to the use of technology and big data with the use of industry 4.0 technology. A system that allows us to know in depth the operation of each installation and to act in such a way as to avoid any undesired incidents.

At Fredlab we can offer an international preventive and corrective maintenance service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, complying with the regulations for this type of installation.

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