Green light for the construction of the largest pharmaceutical city on the African continent

Fredlab, the subsidiary specializing in services for the pharmaceutical sector of the Spanish company Fredvic, provides all the knowledge and infrastructure that it has accumulated by installing turnkey plants in the life science sector.

The President of the Government of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has held a public ceremony for the entire country to announce Nigeria's commitment to having all the necessary infrastructure to indigenously manufacture vaccines and thousands of medicines with top-level European technology. During this event, held this May, the President announced a public-private investment of more than €600M that aims to turn Nigeria into the largest production centre for biotechnological and therapeutic products on the African continent.
Jaume Cuyàs, CEO of Fredvic, says “The project began in 2020, in a pre-COVID situation, but given the emerging need for vaccines, the project has progressed at a good pace. For us, having been chosen worldwide as the reference company in engineering and installation of pharmaceutical and biotechnological plants, is the consolidation of our core business in the life science sector. We are pleased to be able to be a strategic partner in this high-level technology hub.”
This multi-million dollar operation is endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO), which in 2021 included Nigeria as one of the four African countries authorised to manufacture vaccines against COVID-19, and at the same time adds one more strategy to the 2028 goal for the supply of vaccines in the country from the transition to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI).
To date, a feasibility study for the project has been submitted and approved by the Nigerian Government. A project in which Fredlab has had an important role, providing all the engineering know-how and the use of 4.0 technology with the most innovative digitization and automation advances in the life science sector.
Currently, work is being carried out on the development of the architectural and conceptual infrastructure, the search for financing with investment and sovereign funds, the consolidation of agreements with the Nigerian government for the certification and validation of all the pharmaceutical plants to be accomplished. The foundation stone of this new pharmaceutical conglomerate, unique on the continent, is expected to be laid as of 2023.
The European representatives have been structured under an international Consortium that is supported by Nigerian promoters. A number of biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies and world leaders in the manufacture of pharmaceutical equipment and facilities will participate in it, providing knowledge, technology and equipment, of which we highlight below:
  • Fredlab, as a specialist in the implementation of turnkey projects for pharmaceutical plants and who has led the project thanks to its territorial presence with different implementations of injectable plants and other pharmaceutical forms.
  • Rommelag, the world's leading manufacturer of injectable filling equipment and biotechnological products with BFS technology, which is present on all continents.
  • German pharmaceutical company, which is one of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.
  • Belgian company, expert and world leader in the design and development of biotechnological plants.
  • CSI, leader in Africa in energy development and construction of industrial complexes.
This is undoubtedly a pioneering initiative, with a budget allocation never seen before on the African continent. The financing of the project will involve an investment of hundreds of millions of euros, which will be financed with private and public funds.
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