Specialist in turn key project for injecatble lines

We are backed by over 40 years of experience

Fredlab emerged as a response to the market’s inertia with regard to controlled environments in the industrial field.

Thanks to Fredvic and its 40 plus years of experience in the field of industrial refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning, we present Fredlab - a new and highly qualified division that was created to provide the best professional and technical solutions in an increasingly demanding and specialised market.

We offer comprehensive solutions in clean rooms, and intervene in all phases of the project, from engineering to the implementation and commissioning of the installation; from the initial requirements to the final validation of the system in accordance with the specified standards.

Planning / Action

Specialists in clean rooms

Design, installation, commissioning, validation and maintenance.

A suitable and properly designed HVAC system, for which Fredlab is a specialist, provides the ventilation, filtration and air conditioning needed to achieve the desired environmental control.

This is one of the key points for clean rooms, to ensure that they can operate in optimal conditions and without any kind of contamination, cross or other.

We analyse your requirements

Clean rooms tailored to the client's requirements (URS).

Custom solutions for each company are a constant feature of Fredlab. In the case of clean rooms, we produce all types, tailored to the needs of each sector and the requirements of each business.

We take care of the conceptual lay-out, as well as designing the most suitable HVAC system in each case.

We provide the best solutions for the most demanding sectors

Veterinary science
Hospital sector
Automotive sector

A team of engineers at your service

A specialised technical team will accompany you throughout the process.

Fredlab’s technical team is made up of engineers who are specialised in our products and with extensive experience in the sector. They will develop your project, advising you throughout the entire process. All our installations are backed by an exhaustive study conducted by this team.

The fact that the team accompanies the client throughout the project enables it be implemented speedily, having more control of the assembly and working with unified criteria to achieve a more accurate final result.

Implementation, installation, assembly, commissioning and validation

The best methodology for installing your clean room.

We have the structure and the capacity needed to carry out any type of clean room installation. Our team of fitters is in charge of setting up the installation and then performing a follow-up during the first months of operation.

In order to be competitive and to generate value for our clients, at Fredlab we are committed to energy efficiency and the use of the latest technologies. Day after day, we strive to apply new technical solutions and to inform you of the latest developments in the market. We are backed by partners from around the world.

Administrative staff
Installers and fitters
Maintenance technicians
Client managers
Fleet of vehicles

HVAC system

Ventilation, filtration and air-conditioning system.

We design and implement the most suitable air conditioning, filtration and ventilation system for each specific requirement, complying with the GMP regulations and other standards at all times.

Free-standing panels

Metal sheet and/or phenolic resin, with all the variations in terms of cores.

Our comprehensive system of closing elements takes into account all the necessary accessories such as windows, double doors, etc. We have a modular system that adapts to any installation and feature.

Laminar flow (LF)

Laminar flow equipment in stainless steel

These are designed for all the necessary applications associated with clean rooms, especially for sterile areas and areas for weighing and dispensing sterile products, etc. We design them and also manufacture them.

Purified water (PW)

Purified water equipment in accordance with GMP and FDA standards

Taking into account the different qualities of purified water depending on their applications, we design and manufacture storage and distribution equipment and the distribution system to the point of final use.

Strict compliance with the regulations in force

Environments controlled in accordance with GMP and FDA standards

We work in compliance with the regulations of the European Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the Food and Drug Administration Agency (FDA), of the US Department of Health.

Other regulations involved:
· UNE EN ISO 14644
Clean rooms
· UNE EN ISO 22716 2008
Cosmetics industry
· UNE EN 100713
Hospital sector


DStandard documentation for Clean Room projects

We generate documents for design checking and validation (DQ), installation (IQ) and operation (OQ) in order to determine if they function correctly and are suitable for that envisaged in the project.


Basic design engineering

Development of basic engineering for the definition of the implementation of processes, equipment and working areas.

Risk analysis

Study of each of the risks of the processes in the geographical area of implementation to follow international and national regulations.

Detailed engineering

Delivery of data room sheets, bill of quantities, technical memory and construction detail drawings of all areas defined.

Project management

Definition of all phases of the project with its execution times validated along with the client. Project management including in all works a Project Manager from Fredlab.



Each of the project blocks will have a different installation team and always coordinated by our Project manager.


Start-ups are always done with Fredvic teams and our Project manager supervision. Until all SAT and OQs are completed, the commissioning is not completed.

Validation master Plan

All pharmaceutical areas require that our teams provide together with the client a Master Plan in which delivery of the URS, DQ, FAT, SAT, IQ and OQ is established.

Maintenance and after-sales

Fredlab offers all its customers different maintenance plans, which can be managed telematically through SCADA installations or through on-site visit schedules.

Data Protection Act

In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 15 of 13 December 1999, Fredlab informs you that your personal data will be stored in files property of Fredlab for the purposes of customer management and promotional actions. You may exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel and dispute said data as provided for in the act by addressing a letter to Fredlab, Ref. Data Protection, Avda. Països Catalans 178, 08500 Vic (Barcelona - Spain).

Fredlab contact

Av. Països Catalans, 178 - 08500 Vic (Barcelona - Spain)
Tel. +34 93 886 92 79 | Fax +34 93 889 31 69 - info@fredlab.tech

Delegation Madrid
Tel. +34 91 711 70 12 - info@fredlab.tech

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